Progress on Native Mobile Apps

This summer, we have been hard at work building a native mobile experience.  Our goal with this project is to simplify your life while away from your office.  We are designing this companion tool to give you exactly the information and tools you need to successfully complete your appointments and schedule future work.

As you can probably imagine, this is a very big project but we are making good strides toward bringing this app to life.  Our strategy is to develop some core functionality and deliver that to a handful of beta testers.  While collecting feedback on those features we will continue building out the rest of the app.

The core features we’re focusing on first are client management, viewing and managing appointment details, calendar, daily itinerary, and piano service management.  Once those are complete we will move on to invoicing, emails, the call center, LifeCycle management, and many other smaller details.

Our first stage is nearing completion and we hope to deliver it to our first beta customers soon.  Since our demo at the Norfolk PTG convention, we have added client and piano management and focused on a lot of boring (but necessary) behind-the-scenes work.  We’re excited about the progress we’ve made and wanted to share a few screenshots with everyone to let you know what’s coming down the pike.

The side menu navigation in our upcoming mobile app.


A glimpse of the SMART Scheduler results as part of the mobile scheduling workflow.
Simulator Screen Shot Aug 26, 2016, 9.17.58 AM.png
Editing a client’s contact details is easy with helpers like “use current location” which finds and uses the address at your current location.


Simulator Screen Shot Aug 26, 2016, 9.18.48 AM.png
The piano management screen lets you add piano details, record measurements like temperature and humidity, and track service history notes.


The all new “Today” view which collects all information that needs your attention, including your itinerary for the day with Google-provided drive times.







Author: Luke Ehresman

Co-founder and Software Engineer for The Gazelle Network.

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