“Traffic” by Gazelle

Gazelle now uses local traffic patterns to calculate routes! We are super excited to be rolling out a new feature this week!

Gazelle is business automation software solving problems unique to piano technicians, and now Gazelle can add time to your routes at certain times of the day depending on your local rush hour(s) and traffic patterns. No more worrying about construction zones or afternoon school congestion! Simply turn on “Traffic” and Gazelle will add extra time to your routes using historical traffic data for your location.


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Invoice Improvements

Tomorrow you’ll notice some improvements to the way invoices work in Gazelle.

These changes are based on lots of feedback we’ve received and will make Gazelle invoices easier to use. This is also a necessary first step toward another feature we have planned for the future: integration with 3rd party apps like Quickbooks.

The main change is that we removed the concept of groups. You no longer need to create groups or subgroups for invoice items. Instead, each invoice item can be associated with a piano. Behind the scenes we magically group all invoice items per piano for you.

We also made it easier to convert a condition report, in part or in whole, to an invoice.

Please take a few minutes to watch our video that introduces you to these changes. And as always, let us know if you have questions by emailing support@gazellenetwork.com.

We will be switching over to these new invoices around 6am US/Eastern, Tuesday Nov 8th, but we wanted to give you a brief introduction ahead of time so this isn’t a surprise.

Click to watch our a short introduction to the new invoice features.

Join Us in Indianapolis This Week

We will be at the PTG Midwest Conference in Indianapolis this week.  We’re excited to demo our product, and give another sneak peek at the ever-improving beta of our mobile app.  We’d also love to meet any existing customers if you’re in the area.  Let us know and we’ll try and get together.

Join us at our class to get an in-depth walkthrough of how Gazelle can simplify your life and let you focus on what you love.  We will be presenting Thursday (3pm) and Friday (1:30pm) and will cover our LifeCycle reminder system, SMART Scheduling, Client Self-Scheduling, Condition Reports, our CRM, and how it all integrates together to provide you with a digital assistant to do everything that takes you away from your passion.


New Website

website gazelle
We have a new look – http://www.GazelleNetwork.com

We owe a big “Thank You” to Luke for giving our website a much needed makeover!

For those who don’t know, Luke is an artist and a programmer. He has a passion for making computer programs that are functional and artistically pleasing. This is not always an easy balance when early on your focus is naturally on functionality. However, for the past 18 months he has been telling me

“Tim, we really need to update this website” – I on the other hand kept telling him…

“It’s fine for now, the core product is more important, lets just keep our focus on the important things”.

Well, Luke finally had enough and sent me a few screen shots of what he wanted to do. Once we caught a vision for the new look we both decided we couldn’t live with the old one any longer. With that Luke jumped on the opportunity and we had a new website before sunrise the next day.

Thanks Luke!

The Beginning of the Road


Our Story is Just Beginning…

In many ways, 2016 is the beginning of the road for everyone here at the Gazelle Network.

Launching our beta product in January of 2015 was a big deal, but since then we have spent all our time developing new features and pushing out bug fixes. With over 2500 updates now behind us,  Gazelle is approaching a “Feature Complete” status for Phase 1.

By all measures, Gazelle 1.0 has been a success because of the commitment and encouragement we received from our early adopters. Your feedback has shaped and directed this product and we believe this the biggest factor in what has enabled everyone at Gazelle to achieve so much in such a short amount of time.

Our goal is to produce a fully supported software that grows with you and your business. This mission is not complete and we look forward to supporting your business so you can achieve a greater measure of success running your business in the 21st century.

With our Chapter 1 nearly complete, we look forward to seeing how Gazelle will impact the future chapters of your life and business.


The Gazelle Network Team